Eyes Massager EM981
You always wonder whether there is any method to help your eyes be relax immediately then and there?
So why don’t you find us! Dr.Care understand thoroughly how important the eyes are, therefore we are now introducing you the massage device for eye and temple naming EM-DR 981. Working under many pressure, studying all day and night long or sticking your eyes into laptop screen 24/24… all you have to do is using EM-DR 981, we can assure that you will have the feeling of difference immediately. Besides the function of applying massage to the eye as well as lightly pressing on your temple, this device also provides mini ear-phones and equipment so that they can serve you relaxing song, make your mind achieve the state of completely relaxing while your eyes are taken care of. Using this machine, your eye will be lost of pressure which will prevent the rising of myopic and adjust the insomnia of the older.

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