Infrared Foot Massager FM120
Tips of all the body’s nerves will gather together in our foot.As sustaining the body’s weight, our foots are really easy to get hurt and obviously it will affect seriously our healthy. Then what can we do to own a healthy as well as beautiful foot?
Scientists and experts who are studying in electronics field of high massage technology creating this “infrared foot massage machine”. It is designed to be a delicate and elegant massage machine. Besides, this foot massage machine is extremely easy to use, to automatically control. It has these main functions below:
  • Vibrating massage and rubbing, pressing onto dangerous spots of the foot’s sole which will stimulate these blood circulation and sensitive spots.
  • When using this foot massage machine, infrared will impact on these nerves on the foot and help to treat headaches, the paralysis of hands and legs, rheumatism. These treatments will result in a healthy pair of foot, relaxing mind and stress releasing.
This is one of totally new technological products from the high electronic technology company Dr.Care (USA).

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