Massage Bed 073 MB073
  • 14 blocks of marble massage combined emit infrared heat lamp
  • 260 stones germanium exchanging negative ions help the whole body
  • The entire drive is cast aluminum alloy is durable, lightweight, no rust.
  • The body bed, his bed is made of precious wood, luxurious.
  • Cable Belt Transmission SYNCRO massage system with traction load 10.000kg. Very durable and quiet!
  • Two sets of infrared light leave the 16 members marble.
  • Raised beds can be lowered automatically, helping to relax the maximum
  • Claw, massage from head to toe (not limited to the buttocks, thighs).
  • The two blocks move simultaneously massage (painful positions are more care).
  • Reduce pain quickly after a massage rates (typically 30-40 minutes).
  • Eliminate toxins from the body, preventing cancer cells emit hot stone germanium negative ions.
  • Support to treat diseases such as headaches, back pain, spinal pain, hypertension, diabetes, paralysis or half the body, chronic insomnia ...

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