Sofa Massage Chair MC711

Sofa Massage Chair

- We get ideas from the lying-chairs to relax in the living room, the sofa that is familiar to everyone, but it is mainly used for sitting down and no other function!
- We wish that the sofa can do as a professional massager: kneading, tapping, pain and stress relief, rehabilitation, dispel fatigue after a stressful tired working day. Reducing tiredness, aches and improving health for the parents is very ideal, that is why "sofa massage chair" was born!

Nothing happier than when you are tired and there are someone doing massage for you at that time, let`s imagine!
Try and feel the sofa massage chair, many styles and many modern techniques.
   -    The newest technology is applying for WIRELESS remote controller.
   -     Luxury design and fit for all styles of living rooms.
   -     Many colors to choose: Khaki, dark grey and dark red.
Special incentives: Installment paid 45$/month (1.5$/day), it is quite easy to get sofa massage chair now.
Who can do massage for all members in our family only 1.5$/day? Yes, sofa massage chair can do that! Please advise this good chance to your friends and the relatives!

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