About Us

History & Vision

Dr.Care is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, innovative lifestyle products located in Los Angeles, USA. We have been making people feel “better a little each day” for over 22 years by developing a state-of-art consumer products including: massage chair, standalone parts of the body massage device, and many high-technology devices. We know that we cannot fully satisfy all customers, but we believe that day by day, we will try-our-best to making your life better. You totally make a right choice as chosing Dr.Care to ready for a long-term and comprehensive healthcare process. Being an expert in the field of automatically massage machine design, healthcare products…, we understand thoroughly every consumer object hence we know what will be best suitable for you for sure. We just provide product’s model having unique design and bringing satisfy as well as highly effect for customers. Our products is highly appraised by not only individual consumers but also many others partners just like the owners of enterprises, restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts… who evaluate that our products have a long lasting durability and stableness. Keeping pursuing the major objective over the worldwide market, we are acquiring constantly so that we can bring the highly qualified products straight to consumers in the forthcoming time.



We always try to bold ideas, and breakthroughs in exploration technology make the robot massage with the structure as humans. So that our massage robot can be controlled, simulated human massage experience. We study the documents of NASA in the manufacture of in-seat spacecraft to do so can achieve the best comfortable and tilt, which helps the body comfortable and relaxing. According to our research, we also know that a saving power machine is the machine of the future. Combining Dr.Care’s technology with succeed research of medical in the past, we created a totally unique product lines, improving your family and community health. Experience the life, experience the future!


Health & Wellness

When suffering from serious back pain, even simple tasks become a tough challenge. Regular massage improves blood flow to the muscles to return to lack of oxygen and reminds the body to release endorphins – the body’s natural pain killers. The nerve cells, the tightly packed neural system running along the spine, which controls all movement of the body, once they are injured or pinched, will lead to body part or paralysis. Eating, sleeping, urinating, defecating in bed is a miserable plant life, suffering for yourself and your family.

Regular massage helps blood circulation, nerve cells are always refresh and energetic. You need an expert in the field of nervous system and spine to ensure proper health care. Dr.Care experts understand that, always bring the best healthy safety to the users of Dr..Care massage chairs. You can not overlook the health of the spine. It is unnecessary regrets because of choosing the wrong massage chair that will harm to the spinal injury, you might will have a very few chances to repair it. In the US we have witnessed many patients with spinal problems, their ability to recover is very low rate. Coming to Dr.Care, you have chosen the right specialist for the spine, peace of mind and safety. Leaving all the stretches and worries of life. Your health, let Dr.Care take care of.