2-way cooling heater AC955


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2-way heating and cooling
Easy installment payment of 10,000 VND / day

To combat the cold spells in the US, Dr.Care international LLC (USA) has launched a two-way heating-cooling machine, model DR-AC955. That means when it is cold, you choose the heating mode, within 1 minute, the machine will warm your room extremely fast, very comfortable. Elderly people often suffer from cold hands and feet when going to bed late at night, long time will cause insomnia, weakened health, thanks to this heating function will be a simple solution to help sleep well, deep sleep, phuc Quick recovery.
In the summer, the weather is hot, you just need to click the “cool” function, that is, choose the cooling mode, the machine will blow out the cold air that spread to your room, giving a very cool feeling. comfortable. With 2 functions: 2-way heating and cooling, very convenient for you, instead of having to buy 2 units: 1 heater and 1 air conditioner, this will cost double the amount and occupy a lot of apartment space. your room.
With the DR-AC955 refrigeration heater it saves your home space. In particular, this machine, when cooled, produces no hot air, which is good for a clean and green environment. (With normal air conditioners, there must be outside heat, exhaust hot air into the environment every day, causing the greenhouse effect, global warming, environmental pollution …)

Heaters – portable chillers DR-AC955 heat – chill very quickly, help you feel comfortable, sleep well

Not only has the heating and cooling function, the machine is also equipped with an air purifier function, just put this unit into your room, after 1 hour, it will suck up all the dirt, air. infection of the room and provide clean fresh air for you. Help you improve health, no risk of allergic rhinitis, toxic lung disease, cancer … Our environment is seriously polluted by industrial plants, motorcycles, cars exhaust toxic gases Damage daily … After a day outside work, you have been exposed to many types of pollutant gases, so the purification of clean air for your room is essential and good for health.
In addition, the machine also has a timer function, select the sleep mode at night, the machine will automatically generate cold air or warm air evenly, helping to create a good night’s sleep for you and very suitable for children. Small children (because young children have less cold tolerance than adults, if they put children in the same room, sharing common air-conditioners, they will be at risk of rhinitis, sore throat, cough, colds, etc.). So, this device is very good for children.

Equipped with an air purifier, providing clean, fresh air, blowing clean air gently or gently heating, very good for children.

The most special thing of this machine is super power saving, the cooling capacity is only 85w (compared with a fluorescent lamp with a capacity of 40W), but the machine still ensures to provide comfortable cold air for you. . And the heating function is 1,800W (compared to other heaters is 3,600w – twice the power consumption). With a common air-conditioner, you must pay at least VND 1,500,000 / month (one million five hundred thousand dong / month). But with this heater and cooling, less electricity is consumed. Help you save a lot of money.
Equipped with 4 more wheels, you can move this machine to any room you want, very convenient (compared to conventional air-conditioners, you have to drill chisel walls, fixed hot assemblies, cold assemblies). , can not be flexible to move and every month you need to service cleaning maintenance air conditioning with a minimum amount of 200,000 VND / machine). While this portable heater only takes 5 minutes to clean the filter and the unit, it is simple and easy, free of charge for cleaning and maintenance services. The DR-AC955 is super energy-efficient and cost-effective for maintenance services, which saves you a lot of money.

Dr.Care has been present in Vietnam for over 12 years with many durable quality healthcare products such as massage chairs, massage beds, blood pressure monitors, massage devices … and new products: heaters and this mobile refrigeration was created according to the criteria: best health care for users, contributing to reducing the hospital load.
To prove the quality of products, Dr.Care offers easy installment payment for customers “just 10,000VND per day, you can still buy portable heaters and chillers”, meaning you are entitled to buy installments with the price of VND 10,000 / day, equivalent to VND 300,000 / month, without interest, without proof of income, easy installment purchase procedures without bank. Just need a copy of ID card and household registration.

Just VND 10,000 per day, you will buy this DR-AC955 portable heater and cooler easily.

2-way heat and cooling DR-AC955
– Fast heating, quick cooling
– Super power saving
– Environmentally friendly, clean-green
– Comfortable and pleasant feeling
– Vacuuming dirt, creating fresh air
– Easy to clean, inexpensive cleaning service
– Good for young children
– Machine running smoothly, sleep mode at night to create good sleep.