Atoz 712 Massage Chair MC712 – Red


  • Manufacturer: DR.CARE – USA
  • Weight: 93 kg
  • Size: (mm) 1440 x 760 x 1250
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Capacity: 200W
  • Safety: Class I
  • Status: In stock
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ATOZ Massage Chair

– Once talking about the massage chair who also thought it was one of luxury products, expensive, unnecessary, or just a relaxing device for fun. But Dr.Care`s massage chair is a very serious healthy product to recover your health after work. If you have a hard working day in the office, with stress and high pressure, let try lying on the massage chair for 15 minutes, immerse your body onto the chair, it will stretch out your full body, it will perform massage manipulation as same as a real massage specialist who can help you to regain health– mentally refreshed very quickly. Even the elderly often have pain and ache all over body, the MC712 massage chair will automatically acupressure massage the painful area, reducing the pain effectively…

– Dr.Care have just invented a L shape massage system so called a latest technology and unique in the world. The L shape massager will move from head to spine and touch to thighs -buttocks (L shape) which will bring better health and more effective for the users.
Dr.Care offered special policies for installment purchase 1.5$/day, all members in your family can enjoy a very very good massage service of at only 1.5$ per day. It is amazing!


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