Atoz 818 Massage Chair MC818 – Red


  • Manufacturer: DR.CARE – USA
  • Model: DR-MC818
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Size: (mm) 1360 x 800 x 840
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Capacity: 120W
  • Safety: Class I
  • Status: In stock
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Installments 1.5$/day, easy to buy a massage chair.

Dr.Care wish there would be no more deseases, no more patients in the hospital, everyone can easily own massage chair for health recharges, all members of your family have massage chair for relax, dispel stress, pains relief,…
Do you think a massage chair is expensive?
No, it is very cheap now.
By installment payments 1,5$/day (45USD/month), it is very affordable for you to own massage chair ATOZ 712, 812, 818.


Just 1.5$ per day, you can buy high-end massage chairs easily.
Just 1.5$ per day, you can buy high-end massage chairs easily.

Is it necessary to buy massage chair for your home use ?
The answer is YES.
After a hard working day, your energy is used up, you are very tired for stressful jobs,…you do not have enough power to do any physical excersises.
Just release your body onto the massage chair, it will automatically do a physical excerise program for you, it will activate your muscle, dispel stress, all of your aches…

The ATOZ 712, 812, 818 had been adequately studied for applications physiotherapy. Massage chairs Dr.Care is a professional product to recover health after serious desease, helps relieve stress, shoulder pain, back pain, spinal pain, improves sleep and regulate blood pressure … also chair massage helps your living room more nice looking, with luxury decoration standards and modern for your room.

Since you are not in good condition for parental care, the massage chair Dr.Care will help you always to be “present” next to parents to do tapping, kneading, massaging to reduce boring, tiredness of your parents. This massage chair will be a very terrific present to say thanks for parents. Who had spent their life to care you when you were young.

You should know: ATOZ 812 and 818 massage chair: these 2 models are the first in the world, had legs moving like Robots. Body recognition sensors, it can automatically start massage kneading therapy when you sit down (no need to press any control button).

Unique and rare in the market, we are assure that you had never seen such these massage technologies inside these massage chair series ATOZ 712, 812, 818.
You should try it once in your life, to feel the difference!.
15 days for free trial !


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