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In what limits is blood sugar considered good?

The glycemic index is an indicator of blood sugar levels – the first basis for diagnosing and evaluating the effectiveness of glycemic control in people with diabetes. So which limits are considered good?

“Beautiful” threshold for the glycemic index

According to experts’ recommendations, diabetics should have their blood sugar tested at 4 times during the day, including: wake up in the morning, after breakfast, lunch and the evening before bedtime. Many patients have very good fasting and pre-meal blood sugar levels but still have complications because their postprandial blood sugar is quite high. Recent studies also show that postprandial blood sugar is the cause of complications similar to fasting blood sugar.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), people with diabetes should keep in mind the following indicators when controlling blood sugar:

Blood sugar is too low (hypoglycemia): Blood sugar <2.8 mmol / l.
Risk of hypoglycemia: Blood sugar <3.5 mmol / l.
Normal (good): Blood sugar before eating = 4-6 mmol / l, after eating = 4-8 mmol / l, before bed: 6.0-8.3mmol / l.
Acceptable: Blood sugar before eating = 6-7 mmol / l, after eating can be up to 11 mmol / l.
High (not good): Blood sugar before eating> 7 mmol / l, after eating> 11 mmol / l.


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