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Eyes are the window to the soul, strong eyes are eyes that are taken care of and protected regularly. So how to have a beautiful, bright and healthy eyes every day with the most economical time. Discovering the article below will bring great results in cultivating your “soul window”.

A bright eyes help the face elegant
Tired eyes are the most visible denunciation of age. According to experts, the rapid development of society together with modern technology makes our eyes increasingly overloaded, aching and long-term will lead to vision impairment.

As technology is growing, electronic devices such as computers, phones, and tablets become “inseparable things” of many people, the condition of visual impairment and eye disease is also increasing.

Blue light from these devices has high energy, long exposure, which can easily damage the retina, causing eye disorders, and fatigue, which can cause vision impairment or even blindness.

Working too much on a computer is also the cause for tired eyes
In addition, the frequency of stressful work, pressure of work, study, and examinations makes many people stay up late, sleep inadequate, polluted air, smog … causing deeper eye damage. You can not have a healthy body or bright skin if the eyes are less bright and tired.

Therefore, you should take more care of your eyes with many methods such as exercise, lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular eye exams … In particular, the use of Dr.Care Eye Massage Machine DR-EM 989, especially extremely convenient and time-saving is being applied by many people interested.

MC Minh Nhu experiences the Eye Massage Machine DR-EM989

Dr.Care Eye Massage Machine DR-EM 989
Compact and convenient to carry when traveling, when traveling on business cars, aircraft we can not sleep because of noise and light. Use eye massage to help sleep better, restore better health.

Massage eye regularly treat dark circles, remove wrinkles crow’s feet around the eyes, instead of spending money on beauty salons, tightening eyelids, remove dark circles, remove wrinkles, then use Eye Massage Dr.Care DR- EM 989 – a US physician, helps to eliminate wrinkles very effectively.

Compact and convenient to save time
Stressful work, just massage eyes, make sure it will be stress free, come back to work very effectively, make wise decisions. In addition, the machine also helps to press the points around the eyes, helping to bring blood to the eye cells. Refresh eyes, make eyes brighter, stronger.

Besides, Dr.Care DR-EM 989 helps children forget to play games, reduce game time again, reduce myopia. No longer worry about being nearsighted. This has been recognized by doctors in the US. Supporting mothers in a part of health care for children.

And add some great uses that must have owned Dr.Care DR-EM 989

DR-EM 989 is a relaxing massage to relieve stress
Eye regulation
Prevent myopia, astigmatism,
Helps sleep well
Reduce migraine headaches, chronic headaches with pressure points
Prevent stroke, crown anemia
Treat dark pants eyes, remove wrinkles
Good for people with blurred vision, blurred vision, eye strain.
Acupressure around the eyes, helping to bring blood to the eye cells
Refresh eyes, make eyes brighter, stronger.
Having eye massage helps children forget to play games, reduce game time again, reduce myopia. No longer worry about being nearsighted. This has been recognized by doctors in the US.
Functions hot steam, vibration, massage, listen to relaxing music and stow away by plane, travel.

Using Dr.Care DR-EM 989 easily
Convenient advantages when using:
Foldable design, easy stacking, convenient when traveling or anywhere.
Mobile phone battery charger, free of charge to buy batteries, very convenient.
Where does the vestibular disorder come from? Constant insomnia, stress, … must be treated from the root
Eyes with bullae should use eye massage to dispel puffiness, simple compact, super economical. There is no need for costly cosmetic eye surgery, in fact an eye surgery cost about VND 200 million or even over VND 2 billion.

According to information posted on Vnexpress electronic newspaper recently, An American Overseas Vietnamese returned to Vietnam with an eye surgery to save more than the cost in the US, the cost in Vietnam is VND 200 million, while in the US, more than VND 2 billion. for an eye operation. But unfortunately after the operation, leading to complications that blinded his eyes, he was suing the eye hospital. But the case is won? Have regained eyes?

Your eyes are so dear !!! Without the eyes is an extremely miserable life, so many ambitious dreams have to give up, now only the shadow. Living in the dark is miserable!

Blind people have to beg, miserable. ? Explain more to your child about this pain when he or she doesn’t have eyes. Where to forget to wear glasses, is miserable already, in class but forgot glasses is miserable, sitting away from seeing words is miserable already.

The lyrics of the blind, troubadours better than singers who hear them also feel sorry

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