Knees – Foot Massager FM222


DIMENSION (mm): 600 x 560 x 600
WEIGHT: 15kgs
WARRANTY: 1 year

Rich people should try it once in your life!

Although these rich people have owned villas, luxury cars, comfortable furniture and full of expensive things …, but also the following items we are sure that they had not owned it yet!

Item 1:
Knees – Foot Massager FM222 of Dr.Care, with the most modern technology in the world.

–    Feeling like a real massage therapy, kneading, stroking manipulation, reflexology … like you are in spa massage center, there are many professional massage specialist serving around you.

–    Massage therapy gently from the thigh, knee, calf to, instep, soles of the feet, toes.

–    Hot Sauna Spa-style warming steam are spreading from the thigh to the soles of the feet, helps blood flowing better, reducing pain, arthritis effectively.

–    Soles and under foot parts are meticulously cared with reflexology, stroking, pressing rollers – non-stop massage, bring you a feeling of extreme pleasure to spread to the brain, which helps relieve stress effectively.

–    Behind the calf, the rollers are deeply touching, rotating, doing both pressing and reversing from mild to strong levels, reduce fatigue at calfs, help relaxing completely the legs.

–    The entire foot parts are squeezed, rubbing, stroking, rubbing constantly, feeling like the “arms of massager and kneading” moving gently, slowly moving in order, from the thigh down to the instep and back and vice versa. There is a slightly tickling sensation (funny) feeling, but it praises you to the top of enjoyment.

–    Your feet have burdened the weight of whole body all hard walking days, foot –knees massager is a proper device for physiotherapy therapy, help dispel aches, decreased arthritis, relieve stress, regulate blood pressure … combining “reflexology foot, soles acupressure” will help to activate functions: liver, kidney, stomach, heart … very effective

We could not describe all happy feelings that FM222 brought to, you should try it once in a lifetime.


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