Massage Bed 073 MB073


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Absolutely New “That is the most accurate description for this new generation massage bed. In order to improve the quality and efficiency for users, Dr.Care launched the DR073 massage bed.

Two sets of massage machines, each made of 7 marble blocks, inside are infrared lights. Where the marble blocks move, the infrared ray goes there. Infrared rays heat directly to aching places, stimulate blood circulation better and more effectively.

Designed marble blocks move along the spine, standard acupressure, high precision.
What’s new is that when operating, 2 sets of massage machines move continuously under the user’s body, there is no gap between the back-butt. An apparatus moves from the top of the head to the last vertebra and vice versa. Another apparatus moves from the last vertebra, stroking the buttock to the heel and back. This is the first massage bed with 2 sets of full body massage system, saving time and providing faster results.

For additional effect, throughout the whole body of the bed, it is equipped with 260 negative ionic germanium stones (-), with full body heating mode and temperature adjustment as desired.

In order for the two apparatuses to operate smoothly, creating a sense of relaxation for users, the dedicated belt (Syncro belt) in the manufacture of large displacement motorcycles is used to pull the motion of the two massage apparatuses. (Syncro Belt has a traction capacity of 10,000kgs-ten thousand kilograms).

Fixed body ribs made of aluminum alloy (Aluminum), stainless, durable. Instead of using iron before fabrication.

The bed can be adjusted automatically raised and lowered to select the appropriate position for the user.
Massage system controlled by LCD screen, with automatic massage programming, very easy to use.

The body design of the bed and foot of the bed is completely new, made of precious wood, creating a luxurious class. And create a unique style for DR.C73 bed of Dr.Care (USA). Two handrails on either side of the bed, helping users to sit up or lie down easily, and where the 16-infrared infrared light storage bag is hanging.
In addition, the DR073 bed also has a set of 16 marble infrared lights, helping users to move to the aching areas that need massage as desired.