Massager UFO UF450



DIMENSION (mm): 90 x 90 x 120
WEIGHT: 0.389kgs
WARRANTY: 1 year

UFO automatic shampoo massage machine priced from VND 10,000
With the desire to bring the latest technology close to consumers, Dr.Care applies the incentive program “buy a UFO automatic shampoo installment machine with the price of 10,000 VND / day”. Equivalent to 300,000 VND / month (1 month payment 1 time). No interest is charged on the listed price, no bank, no credit card guarantee, simple procedure: just a copy of the buyer’s ID card and household registration.

Very different and never appeared on this earth, Dr.Care International LLC (USA) has successfully researched and launched an automatic shampoo massage machine, called UFO, symbolized as DR-UF450 .
Taking the idea of ​​”strange objects” from other planets landing on earth: the body has the shape of a flying saucer, the top of the machine protrudes like the central control room of the flying disc and here is also are the main buttons to control the massage operations of the machine, underneath the body is opened 4 legs (each leg has 7 small limbs) in the landing position. A total of 28 small genera know how to move to perform massage operations.

UFO shampoo massage machine shaped like a strange object from another planet

In particular, the types of massage machines of this UFO are new and unprecedented, most other massage machines only vibrate and vibrate, but the UFO works like 28 fingers massaging, kneading, softly clawing. Smoothly move to areas of pain, touch the scalp, remove dirt, remove dandruff dandruff like professional massage service staff.
If you’ve ever enjoyed shampoo massage in professional spa centers, this UFO automatic shampoo machine gives you the feeling of extreme relaxation and more.

UFO shampoo massage technology is very different
Experts in the US affirm that using ten fingers to stimulate the scalp daily is a good habit to do, helps bring blood to the brain, prevents stroke, effectively relieve stress, dispel after stressful working day after a hard working day, help you sleep well, treat insomnia …
Here, UFO automatic shampoo massage machine has up to 28 small limbs equivalent to 28 fingers, helping you get a happier feeling, 3 times more effective. Not to mention this tireless UFO, ready to give you a massage anytime you want.

With 28 small limbs below, know how to perform massage as 28 fingers, bring a sense of relaxation, 3 times more effective.
Another highlight that very few electronic companies in the world can do is this UFO automatic shampoo machine can use massage during bathing and shampooing, you can soak in the bath and still massage. , waterproof ability helps the device can operate underwater when you go to the pool, swimming …
Place this UFO massage machine on the forehead area between the eyes, close your eyes, enjoy the massage for about 2 minutes, move to the top of the head, stop there for 3 minutes, move to the 2 areas behind the hands and nape of the neck . Oh, the feeling of relaxation is great, all the stress and fatigue disappear immediately, if you work under high pressure, a UFO is the right choice for you.

Unique “waterproof” technology of UFO

In addition, you can use UFO to massage aches and pains in the neck, shoulder, waist, calf … very effective, it must be acknowledged that UFO massage feels very different, different from ever before .
UFO automatic shampoo massage machine deserves a world-class massage technology, with “no-touch” massage technique, like a strange object from another planet, helping you confirm your very own personality. , there’s no mistake about it.

This UFO automatic shampoo massage machine is priced at US $ 96 (equivalent to VND 1,990,000).
Give each other a meaningful UFO massage machine!


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