Royal Massage Chair MC991i


  • Manufacturer: DR.CARE – USA
  • Weight:167 kg
  • Size: (mm) 1800 x 1100 x 1550
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Capacity: 280W
  • Safety: Class I
  • Status: In stock
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Since centuries ago, England (or United Kingdom) was the national that on the peak of leather industry. These luxurious appears in some well-known cars such as Rolls – Royce, Bentley… or event Buckingham Palace’s interior design, Royal Horse Drawn Carriages, they were all covered by genuine leather from Connolly’s Brothers.
In 21th century, this legend was resuscitated by Dr.Care by covering their massage chair especially designed for wide knowledge and wealthy gentleman. Dr.Care massage chair truly a master-piece of design and technology.
First of all, Dr.Care using mobile phone to control massage chair action, that’s make people feel more comfortable and relax than ever
An original armrest massage systems that were hidden, when you need arms massage, with just one press, the systems will be ready for you. After finish, everything will be hidden automatically.
“Zero Gravity” – simulating the state without gravity will releasing, oscillating your legs. Just like in the spaceship, refreshing your pain, stress killing because your legs was very weary for all day long bearing your whole body. Relax your legs every day one of the scientism method.
“3D-HLME” – Human Like Massage Experience, simulating human massage action with 3 dimension separately: X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis. You must try it to feel the differences from others.
Besides covering with leather, Dr.Care also chose high-grade timber in design massage chair. Only timber with beauty vein, high quality was chose by experienced carpenter. After many days polishing, carving by skilful hands, was born an ultimate massage chair with wooden design. Each set is a piece of art… extraordinary and luxury!
Global Warrant Program in 2 years and free home-maintain per 4 months. That’s very safe to have it at home!


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