Spa Massager TM011




DIMENSION (mm): 550 x 140 x 90
WEIGHT: 0.2kgs
WARRANTY: 1 year

  • 02 channels + 4 sticking pads.
  • LCD Screen controller.
  • 10 optional massage types.
  • Helping to treat these deseases: headaches, shoulder pains, spain pains, body’s aches and pains, paralysis of arms and legs…
  • It can be use both by electric or battery (with adepter).
  • This machine is totally user-friendly device for you and family health care.

Was the first massage machine to use ultra small Lithium batteries (instead of using 3 AAA batteries). This new idea, helps consumers save a lot of money to buy batteries when used. Only need 1 charge, you can use in 10-15 days.
The small machine fits in the palm of your hand. Users can put in pocket, makeup wallet … take anywhere, very convenient!

The device has a special function to tighten the waist (used in beauty salons, spas). After exercising the waist reduction machine, the fat tissue is melted and sagged, if not known, leave it unknown and how to tighten and will lead to a sagging waist. Therefore, it is recommended to use this machine to tighten loose sagging waist.

In addition, the device also helps relieve stress and reduce pain quickly in the neck, back, spine, knee … areas very effectively!


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