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Foot massager DR-FM333


The FM333 is a high-end, durable foot massager that is a valuable asset to anyone’s health and wellness routine. 

Manufacturer: DR.CARE – USA
Model: DR-FM336
Weight: 8.5kg
Dimensions: 545 x 470 x 595 (mm)
Voltage : 220V
Power: 70W
Safety: Class I

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There’s nothing better after a long day than coming home to your DR-FM 333 for a best-in-class foot massage. Not only will it relax and rejuvenate your feet and calves, you can also relieve pain, increase circulation, and hit acupressure points to reduce chronic pain and improve mood. 

Give the best foot and calf massager as a gift to grandparents, partners, friends, or colleagues. Help the ones you love live better with Dr.Care. 

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  • Hot steam function 
  • 3D massage roller including different massage techniques 
  • Airbag massage for compression therapy 
  • Dynamic, luxurious, space-saving design
  • Massage control panel 
  • HLME 3D massage with acupressure functions
  • Vibrating calf massage 
  • Luxury caliber paint 
  • 3D rolling ball for sole + toe massage 


  • Helps to relax the mind while eliminating stress and fatigue.
  • Stimulates blood vessel circulation, clears meridians, and repels the risk of stroke or a cerebrovascular accident.
  • Good for patients with diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure that suffer from foot ailments 
  • Support the treatment of heel spurs, rheumatism, gout, and calf muscle atrophy.
  • Helps alleviate joint and muscle pain
With our 14-day return period, you are free to compare other foot massagers on the market and feel the Dr.Care difference. The FM333 is the best foot massager for you– we’ve got your back.