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Massage Chair DR-XR 923

(2 customer reviews)


Our top-selling DR-XR 923 massage chair incorporates hands-free voice control to let you select one of your customized presets. While you sit, the chair scans your body to pinpoint the areas, to relieve your body of pain, muscle soreness, and stress.

dr.care - 10-year warranty

10-year Warranty

dr.care - 10-year warranty

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dr.care - 10-year warranty

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feature dr-xr 923s black with orange interior in living room

Feature index

A new age of features.

Full-Body Heat

Full body heating backrest and leg rest including feet for best benefits from massage. 

S/L Track

An extended track provides a more complete massage experience.

4D Massage Technology

4D takes it a step further, by adding a 4th dimension to massage movement technology.

Body Massage Presets

Start enjoying a therapeutic massage instantly with one of the 13 Pre-Programed massage sequences. 

270-Degree Stretch

A 270 Degree deep stretch provides benefits to your chest and core. 

A.I. Body Scan

The use of A.I. Body Scan Technology allows our massage chairs to provide a personal experience. 

Voice Control 

Enjoy hands-free control of your massage chair. Multiple languages

Extendable Footrest

Tall? No problem! Enjoy a massage chair that extends to your needs. 

Space-Saver Tech

As the Chair reclines it adjusts its position to insure it takes up the same area and space it was placed in. 

Device Charger

Equipped with a phone holder and USB port for your mobile devices. 

LED therapy 

The LED lights provide light therapy and transform the mood of the room. Great for Jetlag. 

Sturdy Remote 

Worry less with easy-to-use buttons and a clear full-color screen. multiple language options and memory.

feature dr-xr 923s black with orange interior in living room
dr care dr-xr 923s full-body massage chair foot roller

3d Foot Roller

Our chairs are built in such a way that the roller heads allowed to protrude from the track to bring your massage to places that are typically neglected by your average chair.

Shoulder & Arm Compression

Not only will these airbags compress your body but they also hold you in place as the massage chair runs through a full-body stretch mode.

dr care dr-xr 923s full-body massage chair shoulder and arm compression
dr care dr-xr 923s zero gravity

Zero Gravity

The smooth electric recline eases you into zero gravity virtual weightlessness and cradles the body in unparalleled comfort.

S/L-Track Massage

S/L-track massage chairs are one of our most popular options because they offer the in-depth massage of standard track models while extending further down for a more complete massage.

dr care dr-xr 923s l-track
dr care dr-xr 923s genuine leather

Genuine Vegan Leather

The lifespan of leather is truly fascinating. When properly cared for, genuine vegan leather can last for years.

Leg and Foot Compression

Enjoy a spa like experience with our leg, calf, & foot compression.

dr care dr-xr 923s full-body massage chair leg and foot compression
dr-care dr-xr 923s bluetooth speakers

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Relax and enjoy a full-body massage while you listen to your own music selection or serene sounds.

Watch our Videos

Our videos for the DR-XR 923S will get you up to speed on how to use your full-body massage chair.

Testimonials from the everyday people

2 reviews for Massage Chair DR-XR 923

  1. Donny

    The massage chair I purchased from Dr. Care is amazing. Everything about this chair is high quality. I was really impressed with the quality of leather the company used. It’s not a cheap or imitation leather that will peel after a few months. It really is luxurious. The chair is easy to operate and has a variety of massages to choose from. You can also customize your massages to what feels best for you. I was hesitant to buy something from what I saw on Facebook but this company is legit. The social media manager and care expert who’s name is V does not hesitate to answer any and all questions. V will walk you through the whole process and doesn’t forget about you after the sale is made. Which is really nice. The company stands behind their massage chairs and wants to make sure the customers are satisfied. Im very pleased with my DR-XR 923. I would score them an A+ or a 10/10

  2. David E. Gonzalez

    Love it! I bought this chair for my father’s 60th birthday in January, and I have to say, this chair is worth every single penny. My dad has had low back pain for years, and he used to spend $400+ monthly on physical therapy. Since I bought him the chair, he has been using it at least 3 times a week, and he told me his back is hurting less! He is also spending fewer trips going to the PT! Their customer service is also great! When we had questions with the remote, we called them, and they guided us through how to use the chair properly with patience. Highly recommended!

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