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Massage Chair DR-XR 955


The XREAL massage chair DR-XR 955 takes “massage therapy“ to the next level.  Additional professional massage functionality and features are included in this massage chair.  Back rollers and enhanced massage choreography provide a full-body massage from head to toe. Delivering soothing relief to areas ignored by many other massage chairs.  Since the XREAL massage chair DR-XR 955 utilizes expertly designed massage sessions and manual massage combinations.  This means that you’ll get the customized massage therapy and relief you want and your body needs.

dr.care - 10-year warranty

10-year Warranty

dr.care - 10-year warranty

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dr.care - 10-year warranty

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dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair living room desktop
dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair living room mobile

Feature index

A new age of features.

Full-Body Heat

Full body heating backrest for best benefits from massage. 

Ionizing Fans

These fans use negative ions to remove small particles in the air. negative ions have been found to: inhibit viruses, bacteria, and mold.

5D Massage Technology

5D takes it a step further, by adding a 5th dimension to massage movement technology. Providing a Human Like Massage Experience. 

Body Massage Presets

Start enjoying a therapeutic massage instantly with one of the 8 Pre-Programed massage sequences.

270-Degree Stretch

A 270 Degree deep stretch provides benefits to your chest and core. 

Armrest Massage

Compression therapy is great for circulation and our forearms and hands often get neglected.

Sturdy Remote 

Worry less with easy-to-use buttons and a clear full-color screen. multiple language options and memory.

Auto Extendable Footrest

Tall? No problem! Enjoy a massage chair that extends to your needs automatically.

dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair footrest

Foot Rest

Whether you work out or on your feet daily, you’ll appreciate the footrest in the DR-XR 955 to provide you a massage that will relieve your tension and stress.

Shoulder, leg, & Arm Compression

Not only will these airbags compress your body but they also hold you in place as the massage chair runs through a full-body stretch mode.

dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair shoulder, leg, and arm compression
dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair zero gravity

Zero Gravity

The smooth electric recline eases you into zero gravity virtual weightlessness and cradles the body in unparalleled comfort.

Genuine vegan Leather

The lifespan of vegan leather is truly fascinating. When properly cared for, vegan UK leather can last for years.

dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair genuine leather
dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair wired remote

Wired Remote

The remote in the Dr-XR 955 allow you to control the chair’s functions from any position. Or, go even further and try some of the other presets and program your own settings.

Comfort and Design

Our DR-XR- 955 has withstood the test of time with some updates. Many customers own previous models that still provide them relief and better health.

dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair design
dr.care dr-xr 955 full-body massage chair bluetooth speaker and ion fan

Bluetooth Speakers and Ion Fan

Relax and enjoy a full-body massage while you listen to your own music selection and breathe comfortably with our built-in ion fans.

Watch our Videos

Our videos for the DR-XR 955 will get you up to speed on how to use your full-body massage chair.

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