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Dr.Care massage chairs brings over 20 years of experience creating the most cutting-edge Human-like full-body massage experience – what we like to call “HMLE.

Combining advanced massage technology with luxurious design to bring you better health and a beautiful aesthetic to your modern living space. 

Dr.Care is constantly looking for ways to offer you more through our full-body massage chairs. The process never stops and with developing technology, we can offer you the best features and benefits of any full-body massage chair on the market.

What makes Dr. Care Massage chair HMLE Different?


Researching new methods of massage and different technologies available, help our expert engineers and designers to present something that is at the forefront of massage technology.


Full-body massage chairs from Dr.Care are more than luxurious pieces of furniture, they improve the health and wellness of individuals. With our HMLE feature, 3D, 4D and 6D technology heightens the level of performance and excellence with Dr. Care zero gravity massage chair.


You’ll never get anything generic with Dr.Care– every part of our chair is designed especially for our brand and we’re passionate about providing a state-of-the-art massage experience that will help to melt away your stress, relieve pain, stretch and strengthen your body.

The Objective

The objective of the development of these powerful premium Dr. Care massage chairs is to achieve life-altering massage benefits that utilize similar techniques to what you would find from a professional masseuse.


We use specialized rollers not just on your foot (foot roller), but for the full body. We don’t prefer using the terms robots hands, because it feels so realistic in precision, touch, and relaxation (with the various modes) that it truly feels like a human like massage.

Dr. Care DR-XR-923

Dr. Care’s customer favorite and best seller the DR-XR 923 massage chair incorporates hands-free voice control to let you select one of your customized presets. While you sit, the chair scans your body to pinpoint the areas, to relieve your body of pain, muscle soreness, and stress.

Colors include:

Brown, black, white, red

HMLE is brought to fruition with the various techniques of massages that include:



foot massage


deep tissue



  • 12 Automatic programs 

  • Full-body massage heating combined with full massage from your feet to the nape of your neck, helping to increase circulation and blood flow

  • Extending Foot & Calf Massage

  • Full Body Bend & Stretch

  • Longest L-shaped massage: acupressure massage from the top of the head to below the buttocks and thighs, increasing the movement of the buttocks.

  • S- and L-track

  • Space-saving Design

  • Zero Gravity

  • 4D massage technology that offers you a massage just like a person would.

  • Bluetooth speaker and voice control technology

  • Luxurious design with silver-painted legs. Chrome-plated stainless steel seat contour.

  • Phone charging tray.

  • 3D rolling ball on the sole + care for each toe. Incredible foot massage.

  • Airbag massage rubs, claws, rolls, massages calves, and knees.

Compression Massage

What is it?

Compression massage is a type of massage that uses pressure to relieve pain and muscle tension.

It can be done manually or with a massage chair, and it’s especially effective in treating a variety of joint conditions such as arthritis, lower back pain, and sciatica.

Pressure is applied to the area of pain through a massage chair, rather than by hand. Pressure is used to push on muscles and joints, and it can be done anywhere from your back down to the tips of your fingers or toes. The amount of pressure depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

The Dr. Care DR-XR-923 uses air bags to deliver this type of massage.

Air bags:

Massage airbags are imperative if you’re looking for impactful relief from tension, poor circulation, and relief.

How do massage airbags work, you may ask?

Pressurized air is distributed to small pouches located throughout the massage chair, typically on your sides, legs, arms, shoulders, and thighs. It’s not uncommon for the best massage chair to have numerous airbags within the system, at locations including:

  • Inside the seat

  • On the sides of the chair 

  • In the foot ottoman 

  • In the calf massager 

  • In the backrest

  • In the head and neck area

  • At the shoulders

How does it help?

Compression massage enhances pain relief of the body, back, neck, shoulder, arms, feet, legs, and the places that most can even help reduce blood flow to the skin, which helps prevent sunburns while reducing wrinkles by preventing collagen breakdown caused by UV rays.

Compression massage is a good alternative to pain medication, as it helps relieve inflammation and swelling. It’s also less invasive than surgery, making it safer for those unable to have surgery or who cannot tolerate medications.

Massage Rollers

Massage rollers and the advanced technology powering them, are one of the key features of all Dr. Care Massage chairs and the HMLE Technology.

Massage rollers can also be used in combination with other features like vibration or heat therapy pads (which we’ll talk about in another blog), giving you more options than just traditional massages offered by traditional masseuses at conventional spas!

Rollers provide a relaxing massage. They provide deep tissue massage, which is the most effective way to relieve muscle tension and pain.

Best uses

Dr. Care zero gravity full-body massage chairs are best for people looking to relax but also for people looking for pain management.

Pain management includes chronic muscle tension or acute injuries, such as those suffering from car accidents or sports injuries. This type of chair is also ideal if you’re looking for solutions to your general aches and pains but don’t want anything too aggressive.

Zero Gravity:

A Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a specialty new massage chair that uses the same principles as a traditional massage chair except for one key difference, It’s designed to stimulate your body’s weightlessness in space, which causes you to feel like you are floating above the floor.

This takes the pressure off your back and gives the rollers better access to your whole body, which means more effective massages.

A traditional massage chair can only reach so far down on your back – it’s very limited in how deep its rollers can go to provide relaxation for sore muscles.


In addition to being more relaxing, zero gravity has been shown to relieve joint pain and improve circulation better than their traditional counterparts.

You may not realize the benefits of a zero gravity massage chair until you try one out yourself – they’ve been researched extensively by NASA scientists who found that astronauts in space had less pain from arthritis than their counterparts on Earth.

Pain relief

Zero gravity massage provides a unique treatment for people who have experienced chronic pain. They use a combination of massage rollers, air pressure via airbags, foot rollers, and more to create an effective pain relief method that can be used on any part of your body.


Massage Roller Track:

S Track Massage: If you imagine an S shape, that is what you’re going to get with an S Track massage chair. It will hug the curves of your spine from the neck down to the lumbar region, but it won’t go any further.

L Track Massage: The L track looks just as an L does, which means that you’re going to get a more lengthy massage that goes all the way through the gluteal region of your body. This is an extension of the S track, making it the longest track on the market today. If you want a full body massage, your best bet is to get at the minimum an L track chair. That way, you’re sure to hit the lumbar area and even the glutes.

SL Track Massage: The great news is that there are massage chairs out there, such as the Dr.Care massage chair line, that offer a dual massage track system, the SL track massage. This combines both S track and L tracks to offer a massage that can target different areas of your body at the same time.

Heat Therapy 

Don’t bother with massage chairs that don’t have heat therapy. Infrared heat helps give you the most effective massage by improving your circulation, relaxing your muscles, and releasing toxins. 

Heat therapy can also assist with inflammation, joint/muscle stiffness, arthritis, and deep tissue pain, relaxing your muscles and easing pain with each massage therapy session. 

The best massage chairs, such as the complete line of Dr.Care, will offer you full body heating that you can either turn off, or keep on the upper or lower body as needed. The heated massage will reach all the way from your toes to the headrest– there’s nothing like it! 

Many massage chairs come with some type of heating feature, but not all can give you a deep heated massage like you can find with Dr.Care. Even a gravity massage chair can offer heating, combining many of the best features to create the perfect chair!

In conclusion

Dr.Care’s massage chairs are designed and manufactured with the highest-quality materials to deliver lasting value and advanced technology like HMLE

Instead of traveling to a massage studio and paying for the service there on a regular basis, you can simply enjoy the same (or even a much better) experience with a luxury Dr. Care massage chair right in your own home. 

Dr. Care provides you with comfort, stemming from the comfort of real leather, spa heating, HLME mechanisms and a combination of state-of-the art technology designed for relief and relaxation. 

For Instance, Dr.Care high-end luxury massage chairs’ best-selling models offer up to 8 punchers, which is the equivalent of four professional massage technicians, all just for you.  

With the capacity to connect via Bluetooth and play soothing and serene music, you can light your favorite scented candles, sink yourself right into a Dr. Care’s luxury massage chair in your own home and enjoy relaxation, stress relief, and enhanced wellness. 

You’ll be glad you invested in one of our massage chairs whether you’re trying to rehabilitate, relieve stress, or feel relaxed and rejuvenated. In addition to our quality materials, you’ll enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty of  10 years.