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Massage chairs and mental health

Here at Dr.Care, we know that the benefits of having your own personal, premium massage chair and how it is so much more life-changing than simply easing your muscles, or relaxing after a long day.


That’s because having your own therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home is in fact the ultimate form of self-care, and an investment in your mental as much as your physical health.

You might be surprised to learn that using a massage chair; on top of the clear benefits for your muscular health and physical benefits, a massage chair can also have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your mental wellbeing and happiness, too.

What does it do?

Massage sessions with a luxury massage chair can help reduce stress, decrease cortisol levels, help managing chronic stress, lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, improve sleep quality, chronic pain, foot pain, excessive stress, pain interference, emotional health, and musculoskeletal disorders.

So, whether you’re looking to buy an electric massage chair for the first time, upgrade the massage chair you currently have, incorporate a regular massage daily, or are simply looking to improve your mental health in the most enjoyable, natural way possible, here’s how Dr. Care’s premium massage chairs offer the ultimate solution.

Massage Chair health benefits

Massage is a natural way to boost your ‘happy hormone’

Serotonin is the hormone which stabilizes our mood and promotes our feelings of happiness. It’s also the hormone which many antidepressants are designed to boost.

A massage chair could be an incredibly effective alternative. Studies show that massage can raise your serotonin and dopamine levels by as much as 30%, improving happiness and overall mental health status considerably improved.

Two chair massage sessions, could be the element that helps reduce chronic stress, show significant decrease in physical pain, and improve stress perception.

Massage chairs help in managing stress hormones which then helps to relieve stress, and more!

Easing depression and anxiety

Not only does do massage chairs boost our mood, but it can also alleviate feelings which have a negative impact on mental health, such as stress and anxiety.

One leading study in particular from Taiwan’s E-Da Hospital and College of Medicine, found that people with depression successfully reduced symptoms through massage therapy with a premium massage chair.

Stress Management is crucial to living a healthier happier life. The health benefits found in a Dr.Care massage chair along with complimentary therapies has many positive clinical benefits mentally and physically.

Better sleep means better mental health

A healthy sleep cycle is essential to your wellbeing, but many of us don’t get the recommended amount of sleep we should, struggle with the physical and mental repercussions.

Sleep deprivation can take a terrible toll on your mental health, increase serum cortisol levels, increase body mass index, aggravate the stress response, and so much more.

Thankfully, regular massage therapy with a Dr.Care massage chair could be the key to unlocking sweet dreams for good!

With research showing that reducing stress and promoting relaxation does indeed allow people to get a better night’s sleep, this is a great way to help alleviate various sleep disorders.

Massage therapy has been proven to alleviate insomnia related to menopause, cancer, restless legs syndrome and more. This is just one of the many massage chair benefits.

Brain function/focus:

There are many benefits of a massage chair in the workplace as well. What better way to recharge your brain before your next meeting? It has been noted that massage has a positive effect on sufferers of ADHD, leading to a decrease in symptoms and better all-around focus. – Complementary Therapies in Medicine 

Financial Benefits of Massage Chairs

Even though a massage chair is a significant investment, it can help you save money in the long term.

  • Owning a massage chair for a period of several years is less expensive than a standing appointment with a masseuse. A typical full-body massage session in the U.S. can range from $50 to over $150, depending on the specific treatments used (hot stone, deep tissue, etc.) — and the more frequent the appointments, the faster those expenses will pile up! Fortunately, financing is available for Dr.Care massage chairs, and the longevity they guarantee will save you money over time. (10 year warranty!)

  • Owning a massage chair can save you time, which is almost as valuable as money. The cost of a massage appointment alone can be long and tedious, plus time to get yourself there; you’d better hope you don’t find a masseuse you like only to have them move farther away! Visiting your massage chair costs as much time as it takes to reach the room it’s in.

  • You can multitask in a massage chair: read a book, listen to a podcast, make your grocery list, meditate or even learn a new language. When not in use, your massage chair can function as a comfortable recliner — sit in it while you call a friend or work from home.

Clinical effects of using a massage chair on stress measures in adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial:

As seen in a recent study the effects of massage chair on the stress hormones through a randomized controlled trial was reported.

The use of massage chair was associated with a decreased level of serum cortisol and DHEA-S.

Perceived rate of health status and depression was improved after using massage chair for 6 months.

Using massage chair might be an effective way of managing chronic stress in older adults.

The use of the massage chair was associated with a decreasing trend in serum cortisol levels at 1 p.m. (-2.68 ug/dL, p = 0.059). Serum DHEA-S levels significantly decreased with the intervention (-9.66 ug/dL, p = 0.003). In addition, the perceived rate of depression and health status considerably improved following the intervention. (Read full study here)

In conclusion: Massage hair and Mental health

Dr. Care has been in business for over 20 years helping out customers and community live better. We make state of the art massage chair and provide state of the art technology to ensure the best massage therapy available with our massage chairs.

There are proven research and trials that also support the positive impact of massage chair therapy. We hope to help you find your perfect massage chair to help you live better mentally and physically!










(This is provided for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute providing medical advice. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, and those seeking personal medical advice should consult with a licensed physician)