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Mechanism-Automatic Massage Chair

In the backrest of each massage chair, there are certain advanced mechanisms and technology that work alongside massage chair programs, to facilitate the full body massage experience.

At their core are massaging arms and massage rollers that imitate the movements of human hands, mimic human touch, and perform specific massage techniques and types of massages.

These massage rollers can target areas throughout the body to provide the best full-body massage.

Massage styles include:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Kneading massage
  • Lower back massage
  • Foot massage
  • Reflexology
  • Kneading shiatsu

In addition, the air bags assist with compression therapy massage in the legs, calfs, hips, shoulders, backs, feet, which help with increased blood flow. When looking for features of a massage chair buying a massage chair, questions often arise about how many automatic programs it offers or which massage techniques can be used in it.


Techniques are found in the section of many massage chairs as automatic programs. These are mechanical massage programs that rely solely on the operation of the massaging arms (rollers) that imitate the movement of the masseur’s hands. Technique is the way the massaging arms act on the back and, in the case of L-shape systems, on the buttocks. The most common techniques available are kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu or pounding.

Let’s take a look at the individual techniques.

Shiatsu technique

Originating in Japan, basically means “finger pressing.”

The purpose of massage is to apply pressure to the energy channels that run through the human body; channels which can become blocked, causing physical and mental ailments.

The smooth and rhythmic pressure is designed to unblock the channels and prevent future disruptions in the flow of energy in the body.

As a result, it does a great job of relieving tension, promoting harmony and balance throughout the body.

For the Spine

To unclench the muscles along the spine, the massaging arms mimic the movement of a masseur using a closed fist.

The key advantage of this massage technique is amazing relaxation of tense muscles. It’s also excellent for dealing with muscle pain and tension after long hours spent in one position, such as after work or a long, exhausting journey.

 Tapping techniques

This is a bouncy and short movement imitating the open hand. Performed in this way, it causes no pain and prevents the formation of bruises.

Tapping strengthens muscles, stimulates the entire body and improves blood circulation.

Kneading Techniques

Massaging arms perform circular stretching movements on both sides of the spine.

Their task is to stretch the muscles, bring nutrients to them, and reduce accumulated tension, and. In some full body massage chair models of Dr. Care, there is also the combination of kneading with tapping technique

This mode combines circular movements from kneading with the tapping of muscles near the spine.

Rolling Technique

This is used to deliver massage mainly by stroking, rubbing and kneading. The massaging arms move up and down along the spine with even pressure applied to the surrounding muscles.

It is used to massage the connective tissue and superficial layers of muscles, and because it is excellent for warming up muscles, it is also used as a preparation for a deeper massage.

Deep Tissue massage

a massage technique similar to rolling. The massaging arms work with 3D and 4D technology to press deeper into the back and muscles.

A stronger massage, deep tissue, perfectly improves blood circulation in the muscles and helps tensed muscles relax.

Manual Setting Massage Chair

This function is used to direct the action of the full body rollers, compression air bags, to exactly to the area that calls for exceptional massaging and relaxation.

Dr. Care Massage chairs make it possible to move them up or down, change how wide or narrow the rollers move in and out, 3D, 4D 6D technology etc.

You can also choose a spot massage, a partial massage, i.e. over a certain section, or a full body massage. In addition, by choosing a manual technique, you can adjust its speed according to your own preferences.


Massage speed and intensity are two, probably the most commonly confused functions found in massage chairs.

Massage speed refers to the pace of movement of the massaging arms, while massage intensity refers to the force of the massagers’ pressure against your back.

Massage intensity can be adjusted in Dr. Care massage chairs that has 3D massage function. Our product range allows you to use this feature in models such as theDR-XR-923, DR-XR-967, DR-XR-929S, DR-SS-919S, and more!

The force of the pressure can be adjusted manually, or using automatic programs. For a stronger sensation, opt for more intense programs such as “The Royal Treatment” “Stress Relief” and others.

However, if the intensity is not to be excessive, you should decide on programs in which the movement of the massaging arms is subtle and relaxing such as ” Reborn” “Tender Care” and others.

Adjusting Compression Airbags

Under the tab of “options” you can also adjust the compression air bags. Settings include adjusting the Air strength, Heating, activating the full body airbags, shoulders, back, hips, legs.

In this tab you can also adjust the intensity of the foot rollers, calf run, and heating settings.

Zero Gravity

You can read more about the features and functions of a zero gravity massage here!

By taking advantage of this position offered in all Dr. Care Massage chairs, these types of massage with zero gravity has been shown to relieve joint pain and improve circulation better than their traditional counterparts.

Another advantage of a zero gravity massage is that the body presses more closely to the chair, increasing the intensity of the massage.


Dr. Care massage chair offers have specially prepared, ready-made automatic programs in each massage chair, which make it easier to enjoy the massage.

With just the push of a button and without the need for additional settings, these programs provide you with relaxing massage, massage styles, track massage (sl track, l track,)

Full body automatic programs are pre-programmed massage cycles that combine all the functions available in a particular model in the right combination and intensity.

They adjust the massage technique, the pressure of the airbags and add other available options, such as roller massage, full body compression therapy.

When enjoying massage in massage chairs, you will come across two types of automatic programs. The first are programs that relate to where the massaging arms operate, and can be programs that target the entire body, both upper and lower. The second type includes automatic programs focused on the end result.

So, when massaging yourself in a massage chair, you can go for relaxation, anti-stress, sports or regeneration programs. The DR-XR923 brand models come with a few, 15-20 minute programs to choose from, but the DR-919X chair features as many as 23.

Here are some of the programs with the features and functions that Dr. Care Massage chairs offer:


A moderate intense full body stretching massage to relax tired muscles and keep them flexible


A vigorous comprehensive massage session for utmost tissue rejuvenation


A Gentle kneading, tapping, and stretching massage session helping to increase circulation, flexibility and energy.


Medium-high intensity massage focusing on relieving soreness and tension; encourages an energetic active attitude.


Variety of mild massage techniques to wam the muscles; encourages calmness and relaxation




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